Brand-New Formula Supports Healthy Blood Sugar Levels

What is Altai Balance?

Altai Balance is one of the world's first products designed to target blood sugar and control weight using the power of scientifically researched and natural ingredients from around the world.

Altai Balance is a nutritional supplement that Supports Healthy Blood Sugar Levels. The supplement is marketed specifically to diabetics, pre-diabetics, and anyone who struggles to control their blood sugar.

Altai Balance Ingredients

  • White Mulberry :  White mulberry is a type of fruit found in many diabetes supplements sold online today. The fruit is native to the Altai Mountains of East Asia, a mountain range that covers parts of Russia, China, Mongolia, and Kyrgyzstan. The makers of Altai Balance claim this fruit will help target blood sugar, support healthy cholesterol and inflammation levels, and promote good heart health, among other benefits. 
  • Bitter Melon Extract : Another popular diabetes supplement ingredient, bitter melon extract works as “a powerful detoxifier,” according to the makers of Altai Balance, supporting healthy blood sugar and digestion while helping manage free radical damage, among other benefits. Like white mulberry extract, bitter melon is purportedly popular in the Altai Mountains region of East Asia.
  • Licorice Root : We think of licorice as candy, but growing research has linked licorice to various benefits. There’s a reason licorice has been used in traditional medicine for centuries. Licorice root has over 300 antioxidants, making it great for blood sugar and immune response. Altai Balance even claims the licorice in their formula “helps ward off stress and anxiety.”
  • Alpha Lipoic Acid : Alpha-lipoic acid is a chemical with antioxidant-like properties. The makers of Altai Balance added alpha-lipoic acid (ALA) to their formula because it supports healthy blood sugar levels, manages skin aging, promotes healthy nerve function, and supports memory and concentration levels, among other benefits.
  • Gymnema Sylvestre : Gymnema Sylvestre is Gymnema Sylvestre was traditionally used as a “sugar destroyer” in Ayurvedic medicine because it suppresses the taste of sugar by interacting with taste receptors on the tongue. Because of this effect, the makers of Altai Balance seem to suggest that Gymnema Sylvestre destroys sugar within your body, preventing that sugar from spiking in your bloodstream.
  • Juniper Berries : Juniper berries are rich in antioxidants like vitamin C. Historically, they’ve been used as a traditional health and wellness solution or to boost stamina and strength. The ancient Romans even used juniper berries to soothe sore joints and boost strength. According to the makers of Altai Balance, juniper berries can “detox dangerous particulate matter – and of course, target blood sugar.”
  • Taurine : Altai Balance contains taurine, a nutrient that supports healthy blood sugar by activating the energy switch in your cells. Taurine is an amino acid that, according to Altai Balance’s team, also helps in “rapidly managing healthy mood and vitality.”
  • Banaba : Banaba extract is rich in corosolic acid (incorrectly labeled as “corosolic acid” on The extract purportedly has antibacterial and antiviral properties, targeting blood sugar while slowing the body’s breakdown of starches into glucose.

Altai Balance Benefits :

  1. 1
    It brings your blood sugar to its optimum level.
  2. 2
    It improves the overall function of your internal organs, bringing them to their optimum performance.
  3. 3
    It does not interfere with your diet.
  4. 4
    It improves your body’s energy level.

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