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Written by Sandra Kelly, AGE 58

About Author: Sandra Kelly

Born and Raised in Indiana

Mother of 3. Grandma of 8.

At 58 I'm Healthier and Happier than ever.

- 147 pounds down from 234 -

My story began when we bought our first retirement home in Tampa... but I was far from ok.

I'm in my late 50’s. I never thought I would have to worry that my husband would leave me. But, it turned out to be the best thing that could have happened.

My Mom used to tell me:

“Once you have children your body is never going to be the same.”

She was doing her best to scare me off boys. But there was something about how she said it that stuck with me for 50 years!

Many years later, after having my children, my body had changed a lot. I always blamed the children. That was my excuse for why I couldn't keep the pounds off. Could my mother have been right?

I had tried everything:

  • Complicated Workouts
  • Low carbs
  • Fancy shakes
  • No sugar

Week after week the scale would hardly move. So depressed I would remember what my mother had said and fall back into my bad eating habits.

What if my mom was right and I was to be oversized for life!

Things weren’t always so bad. The winters in Indiana and heavier clothes made it easier to hide my size. But with the warmer temperatures in Tampa I couldn't hide anymore. 

I went to see a few doctors and they discovered I had high blood pressure and cholesterol issues. It turns out that these were the result of my size and not the cause of those extra pounds.

Test after test… I kept on hearing the same things over and over. “It’s what happens as people get older”.

That didn’t make me feel any better. I just continued to feel miserable and depressed.

In Indiana I was a stay at home mom while my husband travelled a lot for work.

But everything changed when we retired and moved to Tampa. We discovered our newfound free time and love for life!

A lot of my husband's work colleagues had also retired in the Tampa area too. Every other day he would meet up with them for lunch, golf, and enjoy our community pool. I let him go by himself as it was too embarrassing for me to even think of wearing a swimsuit. 

I didn’t even feel comfortable laying out around our own pool. I was extremely self-conscious and I hate to say it, embarrassed. I am not the same woman he married.

The women in Tampa are half my size and I can only imagine the thought of comparing me with them has crossed his mind.

Then everything changed one night when I went to pick up my favourite takeout.

Standing in front of me was a woman. I would see her every Tuesday at the same time, every week. But she looked like she belonged in a gym, not in the same line as me.

She was on the phone this time, talking about how she had transformed. That at nearly 60, that she had never looked better, and could still eat anything she liked.

Once she had finished her call I found the strength to approach her and ask..

“Excuse me, I don't mean to be rude but I need to know-”... she stopped me there. We talked for a moment and then she texted me a link to a very 'Simple Lunch Routine' that she does every day. She says it only takes a minute.

I asked her how it worked and she said it had something to do with healing the Gut. I didn’t really listen much after that and couldn't care less at that point. All I needed to know was if it could fix my issue.

Could this be what I had been looking for?

After all, this isn’t the retirement I had planned...

Tampa is such a beautiful place with beaches that I can’t even enjoy.

I was stuck at home everyday bitter with jealousy. I didn’t feel comfortable joining him or our friends.

Up until seeing that video, all I had tried were fad diets. Also pointless doctor visits that left me feeling miserable and depressed.

Then WOW. One day, out of the blue, it was like a light had been turned on. My gut began to shrink after starting the simple routine.

Even the doctor was surprised at my next appointment. It had reduced my high blood pressure and my cholesterol was way down.

>>> The lady was so incredibly kind to send me the link to the video, so I want to do the same for everyone here.

I learned so much from the video.

It is surprising how much of my life I believed gaining pounds was my own fault.

It is not about:

  • How much exercise I do...
  • How many diets I have done or cutting out all my food..
  • Going back for seconds at the food buffet...
  • What time I eat or starving myself at night...
  • Not eating at all...
  • My genetics or how old I am. (Thanks doctor for that lie!)

I love my mother and know she didn’t mean any harm by what she said. But the doctors are a different story! It feels like they don’t have enough time to help anymore and it’s easier for them to say it is my fault!

I can say finally that it’s not!

The ‘Simple Lunch Routine' is such a blessing.

  • All my cravings are gone
  • I fall asleep faster and no more tossing and turning
  • Began eating all my favorite foods again without the guilt
  • Showed my Mom that it is possible to lose the “baby bump” and have that flat tummy.
  • My favorite part - a whole new wardrobe except for a few things that I'd kept from my 20’s. Yes, my favorite jeans from my 20’s.
  • And of course lots of swimsuits 🙂

I knew getting and staying healthy was always a choice, I just didn't know how easy it could be.

My choice’s were:

1. Waste time with complicated food apps. Calorie counting. Meal planning and impossible exercise routines.


2. Commit to a One-minute routine every morning.

I would be crazy if I didn’t go with option 2. The results were beyond impressive. Even my friends and family are doing it which is why I want to tell everyone.

I want to see others begin their own incredible transformation!

I really do feel younger than ever even though i’m in my 50’s.

No longer bitter with jealousy.

I finally feel confident enough to enjoy all the beach and pools around Florida with my husband and all our friends.

We have even gone and booked our next Royal Caribbean cruise holiday. I can’t wait.

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