Easy and Tasty Japanese Keto Recipes to Try this Week. 

 June 25, 2023

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Table of contents

• Introduction

• Main Dishes

• Side Dishes

• Snacks

• Desserts

• Conclusion


Are you tired of being told that you can’t have flavourful food while on the keto diet? Fear not, because we have found the perfect solution – Japanese keto food! With its emphasis on fresh ingredients and delicious flavors, Japanese cuisine is an ideal fit for those following a keto lifestyle. The keto diet, which is high in healthy fats and low in carbohydrates, has gained popularity due to its ability to promote weight loss and improve mental clarity. Meanwhile, Japanese cuisine is known for its focus on simple, nutritious ingredients that are full of flavor, such as fresh fish, soy products, and vegetables. But why Japanese keto food, specifically? Many traditional Japanese dishes are already low in carbs and high in healthy fats, so they’re a natural fit for those on the keto diet. Plus, the unique umami flavor profile of Japanese cuisine means that even keto-friendly dishes are packed with tons of delicious tastes. With these top Japanese keto food recipes, you can enjoy all the flavor and health benefits of Japanese cuisine without straying from your keto goals. So let’s dive into some of our favorite dishes!

Main Dishes

What’s keto without some sizzling main dishes? Japanese cuisine has got you covered. Their dishes are not only healthy but also a feast for the eyes. First, the Teriyaki salmon. The sweet and savory dish is a treat for fish lovers. Its rich taste and texture will have you reaching for seconds.

Next, the Beef Negimaki, thinly sliced beef rolled around scallions and grilled to perfection. A juicy and flavorful dish, it will make you forget this is a keto meal. Now, for the Shirataki Ramen, a dish that’s bound to satisfy any noodle cravings. Low-carb noodles are made from the root of a konjac plant in a flavor-packed broth and topped with meat and veggies. Ramen on keto? Yes, it’s possible!

Last but not least, the Miso Nabe, a hearty pot of soup with meat and vegetables. It’s a traditional Japanese hot pot dish that’s perfect for a cozy night in. These main dishes prove that you don’t have to sacrifice taste for health. Sayonara, bland food!

Side Dishes

Side dishes are an essential part of any meal and Japanese cuisine is no different. Cucumber Sunomono is a refreshing dish made with thinly sliced cucumbers marinated in rice vinegar, sugar, and salt. The Seaweed Salad is another popular side dish made with different varieties of seaweed, sesame seeds, and soy sauce. Nasu Dengaku is a grilled eggplant dish topped with a sweet miso glaze, and Daikon Salad is a refreshing salad made with grated daikon radish and carrot. These side dishes perfectly complement the main dishes and add a burst of flavor to the meal. Trust us, your taste buds will thank you for trying them out!


Snacking is a crucial part of the day. Here are some keto-friendly Japanese snacks that’ll satisfy your cravings. Start with a steamy bowl of Edamame. These soybeans are high in protein and essential minerals. Next, we have Crispy Nori Chips. They’re like potato chips, just healthier! If you’re in the mood for something egg-y, try Tamagoyaki, a sweet rolled omelet that’s perfect for a mid-afternoon snack. Finally, there’s Tsukemono, Japanese pickled vegetables that are savory, crunchy, and keto-friendly. These snacks are so good, you won’t feel like cheating on your diet at all.


Everyone loves dessert, but when you’re on the keto diet, sugary treats are out of the question. Don’t fret, because Japanese cuisine has some surprisingly delicious dessert options that fit the keto bill. Matcha Cheesecake blends the sweetness of cheesecake with the earthy bitterness of matcha for a dessert that’s both unique and satisfying. Almond Flour Donuts provide the same crumbly texture as regular donuts without the carb overload. For something silky smooth, try Soy Milk Pudding—it’s light, refreshing, and irresistible. These Japanese-inspired keto desserts are the perfect way to satisfy your sweet tooth while sticking to your diet. Just be warned: you may find yourself craving them all the time!


In a nutshell, Japanese keto food offers delicious and healthy options for those following a low-carb diet. From savory main dishes to sweet desserts, these recipes combine traditional Japanese flavors with a keto-friendly twist. Don’t be afraid to try something new and explore the benefits of this unique cuisine.


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